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Bristol-Myers Squibb will secure Amira Pharmaceuticals’ fibrosis plan, including the business lead asset AM152, an orally available lysophosphatidic acid 1 receptor antagonist which includes completed Phase I medical studies and is currently poised for Phase IIa proof-of-confidence research for the treating idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and systemic sclerosis , or scleroderma. Bristol-Myers Squibb will also obtain Amira Pharmaceuticals’ preclinical autotaxin plan, which may be useful in the treatment of neuropathic pain and tumor metastases. Bristol-Myers Squibb programs to keep Amira Pharmaceuticals’ scientists who focus on both these programs and they will remain located in NORTH PARK.Costs Thies, the Alzheimer’s Association’s medical director. He cites as an example a 55-year-old having troubles at work, such as behavior changes or missing deadlines, that may be early signs of brain impairment but that go unrecognized until they improvement to full-scale memory complications.5 million people. It comes as Congress is taking into consideration funding for analysis into Alzheimer’s and various other diseases. In the Senate today, there was also sobering testimony on what Alzheimer’s costs every American, adds CBS News correspondent Wyatt Andrews. Regarding the Alzheimer’s Association, the treating patients costs federal taxpayers $120 billion a year, through Medicare mostly. Congress is considering methods to confront these costs. Suggestions add a $3,000 taxes credit to help family caregivers and a taxes deduction for family members buying long-term treatment insurance.