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Canadian women unaware of their vitamin D levels A new survey.

Canadian women unaware of their vitamin D levels A new survey, conducted by Ipsos Reid, reveals Canadian ladies don’t realize their vitamin D levels. According to the survey sponsored by Marc Sorenson, Ed.D, 97 per cent of the 516 Canadian women surveyed didn’t understand their vitamin D levels order prednisone online canada http://prednisonetablets.com/generic-prednisone-online . The survey also demonstrated 77 per cent of women aren’t having a normal vitamin D blood test, also know as a calcidiol check. ‘There exists a call to action for vitamin D for all Canadians. Regardless of the numerous stories and study done on supplement D, the message isn’t reaching Canadians, especially women, on the importance of getting their levels checked and how it pertains to their overall health, especially breast cancer,’ said Marc Sorenson.

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