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But bring about less complaints of side effects such as for example abdominal pain.

Colonoscopy preparation drugs administered same time as treatment equally effective: Researchers Standard of living issues significantly improvedResearchers at Thomas Jefferson University have got found that colonoscopy preparation medications administered the same time as the procedure are equally effective to those given the night before and the morning hours of the task, but bring about less complaints of side effects such as for example abdominal pain, sleep reduction and workday interference. The randomized, single blind study, compared results between 116 colonoscopy sufferers given a split dosage of colon preparation the night before and morning of their colonoscopy and the ones given the colonoscopy planning solely the morning hours of their colonoscopy sildalis reviews http://tadalis-reviews.com/cialis-forms/sildalis.html .

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Colorectal cancer drug may cause permanent nerve damage Oxaliplatin, a platinum-based anticancer drug that’s made enormous headway recently against colorectal cancer, appears to cause nerve harm that may be permanent and worsens even a few months after treatment ends. The chemotherapy side effect, described by Johns Hopkins experts in the September issue of Neurology, was discovered in what is thought to be the initial effort to monitor oxaliplatin-based nerve damage through relatively cheap and easy punch skin biopsies. The Johns Hopkins investigators emphasize that the medication therapy clearly improves length of survival in advanced cancer by months to years, and that the goal of their new study is to find ways of avoiding or slowing the damage through nerve-protective therapies identfied through simple skin testing.