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Its evolution vs. 2009 was, for a third, because of temporary or nonrecurring reasons: i/ the short-term augmentation of operating capital requirement , and ii/ the acquisition of CytoPulse Inc.’s patents for EUR 1.5M.Commenting on these total results, Marc Le Bozec, Cellectis Chief Financial Officer, explained that ‘2010 was a year marked by the expansion of the technology and the advancement of our organization to aid our research and marketing efforts. We elevated the sales effort of Cellectis bioresearch significantly, structured our actions in the area of agrobiotechnology formally, and secured usage of technologies that can help us to shorten the timeframe for bringing products into the market in the coming months.’ Key figures : The business has made a decision to present, from now on, complete consolidated results according to IFRS, with more detail than the non-audited consolidated financial elements presented until today.In a fresh paper showing up this week in Science, several biologists show that females themselves may also limit the development of increased elaboration. Studying neotropical t-ngara frogs, they discovered that females drop their capability to detect distinctions in male mating phone calls as the calls are more elaborate. We’ve shown that the feminine t-ngara frog brains possess evolved to procedure some kinds of info rather than others, says Mike Ryan, professor of integrative biology at The University of Texas at Austin, and that limits the development of those indicators.