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Can elderberry help treat colds and flu?

Some parents and also pediatricians believe elderberry extract or syrup might help kids stay healthy and lessen the symptoms when they do get sick. The Brennan family in Glen Rock, New Jersey, believes it works. Therefore we give the children, and we take it ourselves, elderberry every morning right after breakfast, Kevin Brennan told CBS News. He whips up a homemade concoction using frozen elderberries, honey and blueberries. Some medical analysis suggests elderberry may reduce swelling in the mucous membranes to greatly help relieve congestion. The Brennans’ pediatrician, Dr. Lawrence Rosen, clarifies, Elderberry contains chemicals which are flavonoids which are anti-inflammatory agents.Check Out Homeopathic Software Online Homeopathy is a vast subject and it is not so easy to comprehend all remedies by the practitioners who have continue studying the subject in depth to derive the proper remedies to the symptoms and history of the individual suffering from a disease. It is based on the concept like cure likes meaning that a chemical which is causing disease symptoms in a wholesome person treatments the same symptoms in a sick person. So while classical homeopathy study is based on this concept there is online homeopathic software that is derived using a new approach to the mathematical paradigm of homeopathy which is based on the numeric phonetic code of the individual towards the remedy substances to define the very best answer for their medical condition.