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Due to collaboration between CalRHIO and the local HIE effort.

HIE is a major piece of the Obama Administration’s health reform initiative and the focus of the state as it develops a program to apply for HIE federal government stimulus funds. Data will be provided on 380 Initially,000 patients signed up for CalOptima, which covers people in Medi-Cal, Medicare, and Healthy Children. During 2010, more data sources shall be put into the CalRHIO HIE, including prescription history, laboratory results, and additional clinical claims information. Additional Orange County providers shall have access to the data aswell, to get OCPRHIO and State of California strategic programs.SOURCE MedImmune.

Cashew: A disease-destroying, bacteria-blasting super nut The bacteria responsible for acne, tooth decay, tuberculosis, pneumonia and leprosy possess met their match with, of all things, the cashew nut. Containing anacardic chemicals that destroy gram-positive bacteria, this tasty seed of the cashew apple assists eradicate dangerous pathogens that cause a multitude of issues. Not just that, but cashews are also shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular system disease, diabetes, pounds gain and specific types of tumor. Native to Brazil and grown worldwide in countries such as for example India, Mozambique, Tanzania and Nigeria, cashews are an outstanding source of copper, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese and zinc. However, sound harvesting and processing practices are crucial in order to avoid contamination with the caustic resin located within the cashew shell – – otherwise, the nut is unfit for consumption.