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If the burners on your stove doesn’t get hot or the pilot light can’t stay on or you have any other problem, you need our air conditioning repair company in Oakland or Fremont. Our stove repair team is ready to take care of the rest; returning your stove to perfect working order. Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for Oakland or Fremont stove repair appointment. We will do our make every effort to schedule your stove repair appointment for a time that is most convenient for you:

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The information which we provide on our website is to help you gain more knowledge about your stove. Our goal also is to help learn how to bring more efficiency usage for your stoves which will bring to you savings on utility, future repairs and extended life of your stoves unit.

Warning: STOVES CAN BECOME DANGEROUS IF YOU TRY TO REPAIR WITHOUT EXPERIENCE, TRADE KNOWLEDGE, AND THE RIGHT TOOLS. Chances with your safety and health can become very expensive. The following information is strictly for your own knowledge. Our strong advice for you is to not perform any stove repairs on your own. Stove repairs without professional experience, training with gas or electric systems and knowledge can become very dangerous.


1. What is the range top made of? Will it discolor or chip? How easy is it to clean?
2. Do the burners pull out or are they wired into the stove? Flow expensive are they to replace?
3. Does the cook top lift up for easy cleaning? What Warranty does it carry?
4. What is the wattage of the burners? How fast do they heat?
5. How expensive are the knobs and elements to replace?


I. Simplicity of the controls.
2. High Wattage top burners with quick heating elements.
3. Porcelain drip bowls and pop up range top for easy clean¬ing .
4. Large oven interior with oven light and door glass window for good visibility.
5. Storage drawer for pots and pans.

1. Can I purchase the old style pilot type range?
2. How long is the warranty on the igniter?
3. How do I obtain service when and if I need it?
4. Do you have any cooking classes offered for consumers?
5. Do you have a demonstrator model hooked up so that I can check the flame adjustment?


PROBLEM: Burner on pilot light type gas range does not light when knob is turned.
You can stop lighting the burner with a match if you keep the burner tubes clean and clear. The problem is usually just that the aluminum tube which allows the pilot to ignite the gas coming from the burner has become plugged. If you follow the aluminum tube to the face of the burner pot you will see three or four small holes. Bend a safety or straight pin and push it in the holes to clear away the dirt that is blocking the holes. When you clear the blockage, the problem should be solved.
PROBLEM: The grate on my stove is old and rusty looking.
Gas stove grates take quite a beating from the open flame. If they really start looking bad you can sand off the oxidation and repaint them with a special stove paint you can get at any good hardware store.
PROBLEM: The pilot takes a long time to ignite the burner and when it finally does, there is a mini-explosion. This is usually proof of a clogged pilot tube. Clean the holes as I described above. It should solve the problem.
PROBLEM: The pilot flame is too big.
Pilot flames can be adjusted. Follow the tube to the source and YOU will find a small set screw which you can adjust for pilot size. The smaller the pilot flame, the less gas you will consume. The flame should be adjust large enough to ignite the burner.