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If your washer doesn’t get cold or hot water or doesn’t spin or you have any other problem; you need our washer repair company in Oakland or Fremont.¬†Our washer repair team is ready to take care of the rest; returning your washer to perfect working order. Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for Oakland or Fremont washer repair¬†appointment. We will do our make every effort to schedule your washer repair appointment for a time that is most convenient for you:

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We service and repair all washer brands and models:

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Our Oakland or Fremont washer repair coverege area includes entire Oakland or Fremont and the surrounding cities:

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The information which we provide on our website is to help you gain more knowledge about your washer. Our goal also is to help learn how to bring more efficiency usage for your washers which will bring to you savings on utility, future repairs and extended life of your washers unit.

Warning: WASHERS CAN BECOME DANGEROUS IF YOU TRY TO REPAIR WITHOUT EXPERIENCE, TRADE KNOWLEDGE, AND THE RIGHT TOOLS. Chances with your safety and health can become very expensive. The following information is strictly for your own knowledge. Our strong advice for you is to not perform any washer repairs on your own. Washer repairs without professional experience, training with gas or electric systems and knowledge can become very dangerous.

PROBLEM: My washing machine has stopped, what do I do first?
First things you want to do is check to see that the washer isn’t smarter than you are. Solve washers automatically shut off if the load is too heavy.
Next, check that the circuit breaker hasn’t popped or that some little gremlin has not pulled the plug out of its socket.
PROBLEM: The timer on my washer has stopped. What do I do?
In your situation I’d pray a lot. Remember how I told you that timers on a washing machine were very delicate and very expensive? Now maybe you’ll believe old Joe know,, what he is talking about.
OK. Enough of the “I told you sos”. First thing you do is pull the plug on the machine and open up the console. See if there is anything noticeably wrong, a loose part, etc. If everything is together (it usually is), clean everything thoroughly. Then spray all the moving parts with a good lubricant. Close the console back up, plug the machine back in, and pray. Try the switch and see if it works. Never jamb the dials or turn them backwards. Always turn in a gentle clockwise motion.
PROBLEM: The water level setting on my washing machine is out of whack, no matter what the setting, I get a full load of water.
The water level pressure switch has probably gone out. This part is located immediately behind the knob which indicates water level setting on the console. When you open the console you will see that the switch is connected to a small hose that goes down to the bottom of the tub. As the tub fills, the hose fills as well, increasing the air pressure at the top of the hose. When the tub has been filled to the desired amount, the air pressure in the hose has been built up to a predetermined amount, triggering the switch and turning off the water. The entire system works great until the hose or the air pressure switch starts letting air escape. When that happens tile tub could continue filling until your house floats away. Since this part could fail at any time, it is really a good idea to stay nearby while the washing machine is operating.
PROBLEM: The water in my washing machine is either too hot, or too cold.
Same solution to both problems. Usually the problem is that either the cold or the hot water valve has gone bad. To find out which side of the valve has failed, hold a small metal nail on top of the coil. You will feel a slight magnetic pull on one coil. That coil is good. The coil that demonstrates no magnetic pull is dead and has to be replaced. If you feel the magnetic pull on both the hot and cold water coils, there is a good chance that the screen inside one valve have become plugged and is either slowing or preventing water from going through the valve. This is especially common with the hot water valve because of sediment from the hot water tank.